Tongkat Ali works great especially with Yohimbe

by Waldemar
(Berlin, Germany)

I´m a 44 years old male and I used Tongkat Ali Caps (1:200) to increase my libido.
I did buy it at Ebay uk from a recommended seller.
I took first 2 caps later up to 6 caps a day but it doesn`t work at all.
I wondered why, because their a lot of reviews about "The amazing tongkat Ali". What was wrong ?
Than I startet to research and found out that the loose extract(like powder)is the real stuff. I ordered loose extract 1:50 tongkat Ali also from Ebay uk and took about one gramm a day. The taste was very biter so I mixed it with honey.
I felt a bit exiting and I got an small erection as I went out on the street and I saw a nice girl but it was not the big hard erection that I was reading on Internet.

Usually I used yohimbe but after a while It doesn`t work
anymore (I forgot to cycle).

So the second day I took about 1.5 gramm tongkat Ali & 2 gramm (4 caps of Yohimbe).

Wau, what a feeling after about two hours my friend was hard like stone. My erection was long and the whole day I really was very horney.
The third and the fourth day the same "hard" experience.
On the fifth day the libido reduced. So I cycled it for one week and after one weak break I received the same good erections and sexual stimulation.

So I really can highly recommend tongkat Ali in combination with yohimbe. To use Tongkat Ali alone gave me only a very light libido boost.


RYT reply Thanks for the share Bernhard. I've found the combinations work really well too and wasn't too impressed with Tongkat alone either. That's quite a few pills you're taking there, but hey, if that keeps you feeling young and virile, the go for it!


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Oct 18, 2010
Tongkat ali
by: Anonymous

Good :D

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