Best Testosterone Foods

Question: What are the best testosterone foods?
In the excellent book The Natural Testosterone Plan, four foods are outlined with unexpected benefits for testosterone levels. The common element uniting these foods is that they are adrenal tonics.

What is an adrenal tonic?
The adrenal glands are tiny lobes positioned directly above your kidenys. These glands produce over 50% of the androgens in your body, including 90% of the DHEA (which gets converted to testosterone). These glands are also associated with the stress response, producing the stress hormone cortisol. Overtaxed adrenal glands from high doses of caffeine and intense workloads are the reason why you don't feel much like sex on friday afternoon after a hard work week. Fortunately, there are some foods that come in very handy in assisting the function of the adrenal glands. These testosterone foods help to regain balance in your endocrine system.
cortisol, cortisol structure, stress hormone

DHEA, DHEA structure, DHEA hormone, testosterone precursor

Easy testosterone foods: Celery. For real.
Celery actually helps to improve adrenal function in a variety of ways. First, celery contains an excellent balance of vitamins and minerals for general and kidney-specific health. Second, three to four stalks of celery contain enough active compounds to lower your blood pressure significantly. This stress-reducing property can have a clear impact on your sex drive. But the chief reason why celery is so good for your sex drive is that it contains very high levels of a plant steroid with actions similar to testosterone called androstenone. This compound may also have human pheromone properties, attracting members of the opposite sex (1). It's important to remember that you use only fresh celery.

Best method for celery intake: raw stalks. Juice loses potency. androstenone, celery hormone, androstenone structure

Easy testosterone foods: corn
Insights about corn as a pro-androgen have come from both traditional sources and animal research. The first key element comes from studies on the maturation of cattle. Cattle on high-corn diets mature much more rapidly than when on a low-corn diet, a fact that was traced to the production of lutenizing hormone, or LH (2). This hormone is widely known to induce testosterone secrition. Corn juice and corn-derived beer has been used for centuries as a male tonic by the native Americans.

Best method for corn intake: as a juice.

Other unexpected adrenal tonics: cucumber, kale, radish, spinach.

For excellent adrenal tonic recipes, see this book:

So now you have cleaned out your adrenal system and pumped up your diet with masculine-enhancing fats, oils, and proteins. The next step is to get your groove on with these testosterone foods.

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