Testosterone and Sleep

Production of testosterone and sleep are connected on many levels. I'm not the first person to tell you that sleep allows your body to repair itself. The fact of the matter is that the impact of good sleep on testosterone goes much deeper than that. Deep sleep is the foundation of physical, mental, and emotional health. This article covers the ways you short-change your erections and your testosterone with inadequate sleep.

Testosterone and sleep: back to basics
First, back to simple principles: your testosterone level is your body's way of deciding whether to replicate the species. When life looks good and the world is abundant, your reptile brain decides to make more critters.

What is the best way to convince your body that the world is a safe and abundant place? Get a good night's sleep. It means you're not worried about defending the family or yourself from attack. It means you're not stressing out about whether you're going to get your next paycheck. A good nights sleep is a sign of good health and security.

Testosterone and sleep: repairing the mind and body
Deep muscle and tissue repair goes on during the process of sleeping. Ask any body builder about the three commandments: eat, sleep, workout. When your body gets wear and tear throughout the day, it needs time to settle down and repair the damage. Cumulative damage results in aging and stress. In particular, by reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol, you can increase testosterone.

Your mental clarity also increases with deep sleep. During your dream cycles, your mind programs in all the connections you make during the day. Memories are wired into place during this time. With these cognitive and psychological benefits, you can more readily embody the power needed to navigate through the world with confidence. Again, these benefits translate into testosterone and masculinity. The same goes for your emotional health.

Testosterone and sleep: the one key ingredient
The key player here is really your nighttime erections. Deep sleep provides an opportunity for big, full-on erections that happen only in the REM cycle. During these periods, your testosterone levels are pumping through the roof. You are also priming the blood vessels in your penis for better waking erections.

Erections are the ultimate positive feedback loop for testosterone. Bigger, better erections both arise from and reinforce higher testosterone levels. And this leads us into body practice number 2(LINK).

One last thought here:
If you are waking up at night to urinate, you may be drinking too much water throughout the day. You may also have benign prostate hyperaplasia, so this is a good thing to look into . Either way, you are disrupting your REM sleep and nighttime erections.

A good practice for connecting testosterone and sleep

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