Naturally Increase Testosterone: Priming the pump

Want to pump up your libido? Want to naturally increase testosterone levels? Want to enjoy sex more? Wondering what happened to your masculine edge? Here is one simple thing to do to get the ball rolling: masturbate in the morning. This may sound too easy. Perhaps it is, but there is a subtle truth behind this practice. This article explains how to recover from a libido tailspin.

The principle at work here is very simple:

1. Low testosterone decreases libido
2. Low libido decreases sexual activity.
3. Low sexual activity decreases testosterone.

Get the picture? Yes, it's a vicious cycle. Let's turn it around.

The easiest way to get the wheels turning again is to prime the pump, so to speak. I recommend masturbation, or (better yet) sex, in the morning. This way, you are undertaking sex or self-pleasure as a practice rather than something you "just do" because it feels good. Your feelings, and your results, around sex will change.

Sexual activity helps to naturally increase testosterone. When you incorporate some of that into your daily routine, you are gradually moving your hormones in the direction of sexual abundance.

This prescription actually goes back to ancient Taoist sexual practices described in books like Mantak Chia's The Multi-Orgasmic Couple. This practice is also backed up by science. In a 2008 study of over 900 Finnish men aged 55-75, frequency of sexual activity was negatively correlated to risk of erectile dysfunction (1).

Here are some benefits from regular morning sexual practice.
1. Increased comfort with and confidence in your erections.
2. More familiarity with your sexuality.
3. More frequent testosterone release.
4. Better outlook on the day.
5. It's generally easier to make morning than evening routines.
6. Appreciating an ongoing relationship with your sexuality.

Point number 6 may sound unusual, but it's very important. Increasing the frequency with which you have sex allows you to experience the subtle changes in your sexuality as they come up. Maybe you realize you feel tired one day and wildly horny the next. By paying attention to these changes, you can learn from them. You can also give yourself some freedom to have variation in your sexual response.

The key piece for naturally increasing testosterone is that you take control of your sexual experience. By placing a regular time in your day to experience and satisfy your sexual desires, you will find that your desires grow and your capacity to act on them follows.

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1. Koskimaki, J, Shiri, R, Tammela, T, et al. "Regular intercourse protects against erectile dysfunction: Tampere Aging Male Urologic Study." Am J Med. 121 (2008) 592-6.