Ranking the natural testosterone boosters

The goal here is a clear, experience-based ranking of short-term natural testosterone boosters. Basically, I want herbal Cialis. I want something that I can take for a couple days, boost up my sex drive, and then walk away from. I want this in an out of my system, but I want results quick. The goal is to make a special weekend into a special weekend with superior sex. That's all.

Natural Testosterone Boosters: The Rationale
This is not about finding a global improvement in my sex drive. I explain the rationale in detail for this study of natural testosterone boosters here . But to briefly add a cautionary note, I'll use all the dietary, exercise and lifestyle-related means to improving my sex drive before I take a new supplement.

Natural Testosterone Boosters: The Method
Take one supplement at a time, from wednesday to saturday. I bought everything at amazon.com, and took two pills per day at breakfast. I just observed my sexual experiences while on these pills.

My Wholly Subjective, Quasi-Scientific Rankings

1. Ginseng: The run-away champion. Raging hard-ons. Extra stamina. Huge boost in volume of ejaculate.
Other Pros: Long term safety has been studied.
Drawbacks: Diminished efficacy on the third time I tried it. Maybe most effective if you wait a couple months in between uses.

2. Maca: Solid runner-up. Improved libido. Enhanced erections.
Other Pros: Centuries of use as a food (!) in Peru make this a no-brainer on the short- or medium-term safety question.

3. Tongkat Ali: Less sexual than the above, but strongly improved body sensation and awareness. Felt good to take this stuff, even if it didn't make me a wild stallion in bed.

4. Muira Puama: This funky amazon vine impacted my system, but it's hard to say exactly how. I remember having weird dreams while I was taking this.

5. Tribulus terrestris: Disappointing results in this experiment. Probably fine over a longer period, but I saw nothing.
Possible drawback: Some weird side effects have been noted in the medical literature for this natural testosterone booster.

And some I won't bother with: Ginko. It gets called out as an erection enhancer, but the literature is pretty clear that these effects don't kick in for many months. This compound gets involved all over your system, probably in good and not-so-good ways. Not direct enough.

Another I won't bother with: Yohimbe. This one appears to work like a natural viagra. It just gets you right up and has a pretty solid history of use and effiacy. I won't work with it, though, because of the numerous side effects like headache, sweating, hypertension, and sleep agitation.