How to increase testosterone:
Negotiation with your inner reptile

If you want to know how to increase testosterone, you have to get inside the logic of your own biology. In this series of short articles, we cover the basics about testosterone building, from the inside out. The goal here is not to give you a new exercise or to sell you a product. The goal is to give you something to think about. Ideally, you can take the principles here and make changes in your life that will raise your testosterone levels.

There is a very good reason why athletes and martial artists are known for high testosterone levels. Beyond the training regimen, these guys are fearless. They do not worry about getting messed with by anyone. When you are afraid, you body gets a message in the form of hormones: cortisol increases and testosterone declines. This articles goes into the importance of power to your sex drive. We look at increasing your personal power and presence as a way to get at how to increase testosterone.

Principle 3. Power:
When you feel like you are empowered to take control of your life, your body is ready to make babies. This comes from simple fight-or-flight psychology. If your inner reptile spends all it's time in defense mode, what does it think about it's ability to defend family and babies? Not so good. So think about this: when you are walking around on the street at night, do you feel safe? Can you manage yourself with amidst all the dark forces that come your way? The answer has deep implications for your body.

At work, are you getting dominated by your boss all day long? Are you a "yes man"? If so, it will impact your testosterone levels. Now to be fair, you've got room here for legitimate differences in evolutionary strategy. If you are President Obama's "yes-man" then you might feel pretty empowered when you go home at night, even having said "yes, sir" all day. Just look at Rahm Emmanuel. Do he look like a wuss to you?

But if you don't respect your boss AND you kowtow to him, then your self esteem will suffer deeply. And your inner reptile will listen. What's the message: I'm a beta-male in a second-rate tribe. Not exactly a super-charged solution for how to increase testosterone.

Out in the world, do you feel strong and confident? Are you afraid to talk to people you don't know? Your basic trust in your capacity to navigate and retain your autonomy-- even in the context of a social group-- will translate into a biological signal.

How to increase testosterone with your heart

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