How to increase testosterone:
Negotiation with your inner reptile

If you want to know how to increase testosterone, you have to get inside the logic of your own biology. In this series of short articles, we cover the basics about testosterone building, from the inside out. The goal here is not to give you a new exercise or sell you a product. The goal is to give you something to think about. Ideally, you can take the principles here and make changes in your life that will raise your testosterone levels.

We mentioned in the last article (LINK) that the answer to how to increase testosterone is found in taking responsibility your reproduction. In this article, we dive into the basic signals you can send to your body that account for increased testosterone production.

Principle 2. Abundance.
When your body senses health and abundance, it is ready to make babies. This is most clear when it comes to eating adequate food, especially fats and oils. Many scientific studies have confirmed that diminished testosterone levels result from low caloric intake. This notion makes perfect sense from an evolutionary perspective: if there isn't enough food around, the babies will starve.

The abundance principle carries over to other areas as well. If you aren't getting enough sleep, you send the message to your body that you are overworked. Your body doesn't get the time to repair itself, and your cortisol, or stress hormone, levels increase. This comes directly at the expense of your testosterone levels.

In your career, if you are spending all your time worrying about where your next paycheck is going to come from, then you are not in the zone for making babies. There are all kinds of exceptions to this rule, but in general, a stable source of income exerts a strong positive influence on the male psyche. And when you are making money and moving forward in life, then you feel different in your body. It feels good. That's the effect of higher testosterone levels.

For all of the above, look at the message being sent to your body when you don't get enough of something: the world is very demanding, you don't have enough time or money or food to get by. Under these conditions, there is no reason to make babies. Very simple. At least that's what your body learns. So if you want to know how to increase testosterone, a simple answer is to find a way to live a life of abundance.

Application: better sex life
Many men want to learn how to raise their testosterone to increase their enjoyment of sex. There is an interesting positive feedback loop that you can take advantage of with here to get your testosterone moving in the right direction.

Sexual abundance works the same way. If your body is experiencing an abundance of sexual stimulation, the message is loud and clear: "You're a stud." By living in sexual abundance, whether with a partner or by yourself, you are keeping the pumps primed on your own personal testosterone-boosters: your testicles.

For example, studies have shown that male mice that are housed in a cage by themselves have diminished testosterone and won't even mount a female in heat if she is placed right in front of him. Don't let that be you.

Again, if the question is how to increase testosterone, the answer lies within you. Does your body feel like the earth is taking good care of you? If so, it probably thinks the earth is a good place for babies too. And there go your hormones.

How to increase testosterone through confidence

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