How to increase testosterone:
Negotiation with your inner reptile

If you want to know how to increase testosterone, you have to get inside the logic of your own biology. In this series of short articles, we cover the basics about testosterone building, from the inside out. The goal here is not to give you a new exercise or sell you a product. The goal is to give you something to think about. Ideally, you can take the principles here and make changes in your life that will raise your testosterone levels.

In essence, this article is about learning to speak to the reptilian brain inside you, the one that makes decisions about procreation. If you taking nothing else from these articles, just use this simple question to guide your choices: "What message am I sending my body right now?" That question alone holds a powerful answer to how to increase testosterone.

Principle 1. It's about making babies.
Or more specifically, it's about getting women pregnant. The bottom line of your testosterone levels is your body's willingness to get women pregnant. We're talking about the deep, reptilian animal part of your brain here-- this is not a conscious decision. If your body feels healthy, the animal inside figures that your babies will be healthy. And the hormones respond accordingly.

The critical point here is that your body is choosing whether or not to propagate the species with a single variable, your testosterone levels. As a result, your testosterone levels represent an aggregate calculation of your status on this planet based on a deep, internal wisdom. We as humans didn't get to 6 billion people by accident. But even if you are not 18 years old and the captain of the football team, there is hope.

Your body knows how to increase testosterone levels. Simple shifts in your approach to living can translate to massive swings in your testosterone levels.

Here is the empowerment: when you realize that your testosterone level is, your body's way of deciding whether or not you should make babies right now, you can take responsibility for that decision.

That's right. Drop the victim mentality. Want to know how to increase testosterone? Just make your life a more attractive place for yourself. Your body will respond by deciding it's a better place to bring kids into the world. Make yourself stronger. Get a new job. Work hard on a promotion. Get a better place to live. When you can look around be satisfied with your life, then your body will respond accordingly.

How to increase testosterone with your mindset

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